Enfield Borough Council and the Metropolitan Police are joining forces to stop the sale of super strength alcohol by the end of the month.

The two authorities are attempting to crack down on the viability of cheap strong booze, which usually contains more than 6.5 per cent alcohol.

In a bid to prevent its distribution, the council is encouraging off licenses across the borough to sign a voluntary undertaking to remove the super strength alcohol by January 31, 2014.

They are also keen for off licences to display posters to advise people that they do not sell a stronger tipple.

Latest statistics have revealed that around 46,000 residents in Enfield are drinking more.

The council’s cabinet member for environment, Councillor Chris Bond, said: "If retailers choose not to sign up, that’s entirely up to them, but we’ll take an incredibly dim view of premises which act irresponsibly and we’ll take very strong action against those that are unwilling or unable to behave responsibly."

A Metropolitan Police Spokesperson said: "This simple, but potentially very effective approach is designed to reduce alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour in the borough of Enfield. Partnership working involves everyone - and this includes retailers.

"I urge local off licences to sign up to this voluntary ban. By doing so they will be making a meaningful contribution to improving community safety across the borough.

The ban is believed to be one of the first of its type in the capital.