Edmonton MP Andy Love’s attempt to change the law to reduce pollution leaking into the rivers and streams has been dismissed.

The Labour MP was hoping his amendment would allow water companies as well as local authorities to deal with misconnected home sewage pipes.

Conservation group Thames 21 revealed in October last ytear, that many rivers and streams in the borough had unnaturally high levels of substances that were dangerous to humans and animals due to misconnected pipes.

However, despite the efforts of Mr Love, the Government felt that giving this additional power to water companies would not be helpful.

He said: “I am disappointed that the Government was not prepared to consider my amendment when it seems to me that giving the water companies power to deal with misconnections is a relatively simple measure that could make a significant difference, not least to the environment, but to people’s health and wellbeing as well.

“I know from my efforts to address the ongoing problem of misdirected pollution in Pymmes Park Lake that having sewage where it should not be, particularly in a public park, is not pleasant.  Enfield Borough Council is doing tremendous work to address the problem of misconnections but it is an uphill struggle."