Fears have grown that potential cycling investment could lead to traffic changes in Enfield Town.

The ‘Mini-Holland fund’ from Transport for London will split a £100million pot between three or four London boroughs in an attempt to increase cycling across the capital.

However, plans submitted last month by Enfield Borough Council state that traffic routes in Enfield Town could be changed to create a cycle hub.

This has sparked concern among people living in Cecil Road, a one-way street partly encircling the town, who fear that their road could become two-way, leading to more traffic.

Plans to change the layout of the road were dropped more than a year ago but Cecil Road resident Vanessa Chadjeh fears the proposals could be made once again if the money is received.

She said: “Traffic in our road will increase massively and this will only cause more accidents and more gridlock. Roads could be widened and this could result in a loss of trees and green areas, it’s a disgrace.”

Patricia Quinn, also of Cecil Road, said: “I don’t think they can redo the road without the loss of houses or of green space. You will still get a lot of heavy goods lorries articulating round into Cecil Road out of Sarnesfield Road which will be dangerous.”

One man, who asked not to be named, but who has lived in Enfield since 1968 and described how the road used to be “havoc” when it was a two-way.

He said: “When I moved here in 1968 it was two-way and I remember lorries going past so close to the trees. Once, a lorry hit a tree and spilled oil all over the houses, it was a nightmare.

“I think the council are trying to improve the whole system but it is only going to cause havoc and more traffic jams around the town.”

Councillor Chris Bond, cabinet minister for environment has assured the sceptics that if money is won through the ‘Mini Holland’ bid, then a full consultation will take place.

He said: “The Mini Holland funding decision will be made in spring and any outline proposals agreed by the mayor will be subject to a full public consultation in this borough with the potential for changes to be made before a final scheme, if successful, is implemented.”

The decision on which boroughs will receive funding will not be made until the spring.