A mother has made a last ditch plea to help fund her son’s surgery to help him walk.

Adam Bobby, of Park Road in Enfield Freezywater, has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which affects muscles in his legs meaning he is unable to walk independently and play with his friends.

The seven-year-old was born 12 weeks premature, weighing three pounds and has had physiotherapy all his life.

However, as he grows, his condition has got worse.

His mother, Swapna Kurien said: “He is not a small boy anymore and as he has grown, his legs have become tighter and this makes it very hard for him to go anywhere without a walker.

“Despite all the difficulties he faces, he is a brilliant and determined boy and he understands his condition so he gets on with his life as best as he can.”

Adam is due to have surgery next month at a specialist hospital in Bristol where the operation is intended to eliminate the spasticity in his legs.

This will enable the muscles to move more freely, allowing them to be strengthened with the help of physiotherapy so he can walk better.

But there is a snag, after applying in May last year to the NHS to fund his surgery, Mrs Kurien has yet to have a response and must raise £25,000 before next month’s operation.

The desperate mother admits she is “frustrated” by the NHS and will not put off the surgery.

She said: “This surgery is life-changing and Adam is really looking forward to it. But we need to raise money to give him a chance of walking and being able to join in with his friends when they play football.

“It is very frustrating that we haven’t had a response from the NHS and it breaks my heart when he is left behind whilst his friends play, even though he doesn’t complain.

“We are doing everything we can, he is our only child and we want to give him the best chance in life he can get. Any small donations could go a long way for Adam."

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