A motorist fined £205 for two minutes' illegal parking in Hertford Road turned the table on clampers by taking a picture of them blocking an alleyway.

Steven Scott, 42, was one of many victims of the City Watch Enforcement  clampers who claimed signs warning drivers against parking in the street were unclear.

He said: “The clampers started waving at me and telling me to stop, then they started taking pictures of me.

“Once I drove off they followed me. I don’t know whether they were trying to intimidate me, but it didn’t work.”

Earlier in the month, the family and friends of father Frank Mugisha, who was killed while riding his bicycle, were trying to raise money to send his body back to Uganda.

The 41-year-old from Hoe Lane died on April 2, six days after being struck in White Hart Lane in Tottenham.

His friend Humphrey Kasule said: “He will be dearly missed. It is one of these things that even when you are told your friend has died, you never think it is right. You always think, it was not Frank.”

Also in April, cable thieves caused a major trackside fire in Bury Street, Edmonton Green that disrupted journeys for thousands of commuters.

The thieves cut into the 25,000 volt cables, which crashed to the ground and sparked a blaze shortly before the first trains started running at 4am.