A medic who disarmed a knife-wielding patient has been rewarded for his bravery.

Emergency medical technician, Ken Ledger, was one of 12 people presented with a Chief Ambulance Officer Commendation during an awards ceremony on Saturday.

The Edmonton medic was called to a patient in Kimberley Gardens in Harringay in November last year who appeared drunk and may have taken an overdose.

When the team started to treat the patient, he became aggressive and threatened the crew with a knife.

Mr Ledger disarmed the patient and restrained him until police arrived while monitoring him for signs of breathing difficulty.

The patient was arrested and the crew continued to monitor him on the way to the hospital.

Mr Ledger said: “I didn’t expect to receive this commendation and it was a great shock.

“On the day I acted out of instinct and felt the need to look after my crew mates and get them out of any danger. I am thrilled to be given this commendation.”

Ten medics, one member of the public, and one police constable were given awards recognising their bravery, dedication and determination in life-threatening situations.

Acting Chief Executive of the London Ambulance Service, Martin Flaherty, said: “The Chief Ambulance Officer Commendation recognises highly exceptional actions by staff, the public or people from other services.

“It is important to recognise those who go beyond the call of duty and this commendation does that.”