“Angel visitors give a young man the courage to claim the gender he was denied at birth.”

This is the story of Living with Lisa, written by Lee Carter from Clacton who will host an event at Enfield Waterstones on Thursday at 1pm.

Lee, who completed gender reassignment surgery in 2012, explains: “It is a true story. Growing up as a girl but I felt like the opposite sex going through puberty. I was in a dark place of turmoil. I saw the proverbial light going through gender reassignment.”

Lee is currently promoting his book all across the UK, and has been filming a documentary series which follows his quest to help others suffering from gender dysphoria, by setting up his own support network.

As part of the series, Lee hopes to examine in-depth how teenagers today deal with the concept, learn about their thoughts on gender dysphoria, and their attitudes to Lee and his past experiences.

The inspiration for this aspect of the work comes from the fact that Lee has recently moved to Yorkshire to live with his girlfriend who has teenage children from a previous relationship.

Lee is currently pitching his documentary series to UK TV networks, and hopes to take it across the pond to the USA to evoke international conversation on the issue of gender dysphoria.