Analysing the mind of a killer

Enfield Independent: Retired Murder Squad Detective Trevor Marriott Brings His Show The World’s Worst Serial Killers, to the Harlow Playhouse

12:00pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

Retired murder squad detective Trevor Marriott brings his latest audiovisual show, The World’s Worst Serial Killers, to the Harlow Playhouse.

Kevin’s passion for grand designs

Enfield Independent: Ahead of Grand Designs Live Kevin McCloud talks to Amie Mulderrig about fame, his TV show and love of buildings

12:46pm Thursday 27th March 2014

From hobbit homes to hexagonal houses and high-tech habitats – for the past 15 years, Kevin McCloud has taken viewers on an architectural journey with television show Grand Designs.

Beckham in Peckham?!

Enfield Independent: Beckham in Peckham?!

9:00am Friday 21st March 2014

We’ve seen David Beckham on the pitch, delivering precise crosses, appearing on adverts for H&M underwear campaigns, gracing the covers of magazines, and as a sports ambassador.

Strictly Pasha

9:00am Friday 14th March 2014

After more than 25 years doing the same job, a person would be forgiven for admitting it was becoming a little bit routine. But if it’s a dance routine you’re talking about and you’re Pasha Kovalev from BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing, then you still get that buzz every time you put on that slashed-to-the-waist sequinned shirt and tight, tight trousers and go out on stage.

Joe thanks X Factor

3:10pm Thursday 13th March 2014

HE only reached public consciousness four years ago, but Joe McElderry (below) has already had a winding career.

Dixie's got The Taste to carry on cooking

Enfield Independent: Dixie by her market stall Phat Bread at Maltby Street Market

12:40pm Thursday 13th March 2014

We saw her teary-eyed on Tuesday evening, when victory was snatched from her grasp on television cookery competition The Taste.

Spitting Image from Start to Finish

Enfield Independent: John McEnroe

3:50pm Tuesday 11th March 2014

The year was 1984 and it was a Sunday night, at about 10pm, that British television witnessed the birth of a new phenomenon.

Cruising up the river

Enfield Independent: A magnificent view of the London Eye

4:51pm Friday 28th February 2014

As a London resident it’s easy to take for granted the city’s sights and sounds. Indeed, when thoughts turn to booking the next holiday, most of us will opt for far flung destinations which promise sand, sunshine and er... stunning architecture.

Gary Poole prepares to do battle in The Voice

Enfield Independent: Could Gary Poole win The Voice?

6:10pm Thursday 27th February 2014

Gary Poole proved a hit on Saturday night's The Voice. But has the Essex resident got what it takes to win? Ahead of the team battles, Amie Mulderrig goes head-to-head with Gary.

Has Lucie Marie Closier got what it takes to win The Voice?

Enfield Independent: Has Lucie Marie Closier got what it takes to win The Voice?

5:10pm Thursday 27th February 2014

She impressed judges on Saturday night's The Voice. As Lucie Marie Closier prepares to go head-to-head in the battles stage, she speaks with Amie Mulderrig

Art with a political comment

Enfield Independent: Jeremy Deller is coming to the William Morris Gallery with his exhibition English Magic

4:06pm Friday 17th January 2014

When I speak with Jeremy Deller, he is busy. Very busy.

HISTORY: Swinging Walthamstow

Enfield Independent: Walthamstow band The Beaucrees, pictured in the early 1960s.

1:58pm Friday 12th October 2012

Reporter DANIEL BINNS speaks to a band about their memories of Walthamstow's thriving live music scene in the swinging sixties - as they prepare for a reunion concert 50 years after forming.

WANSTEAD: Second World War evacuee looks back on rations and the Blitz

Enfield Independent: June Harrison

12:22pm Friday 3rd August 2012

A WARTIME evacuee has recalled her experiences of leaving home during the Second World War.

HISTORY: Keith Richards's Walthamstow roots

Enfield Independent: Keith Richards. Photo:

2:41pm Tuesday 24th July 2012

BAD boy of rock Keith Richards achieved worldwide fame in the Rolling Stones. But his family had another goal – political power in Walthamstow.  Reporter DANIEL BINNS finds out more.

HISTORY: Sylvia Pankhurst and me

Enfield Independent: Sylvia Pankhurst

4:54pm Thursday 12th July 2012

A WOMAN who grew up close to the home of political activist and feminist icon Sylvia Pankhurst in Woodford Green has just released a second edition of her biography. Melanie Attlesey hears of suburban paranoia, radical feminism and memories prompted by a chance encounter. When Shirley Harrison was a small child, her conservative parents ordered her to cross the road when she passed the home of Sylvia Pankhurst on her way to the shops.

OLYMPICS: Inspiring stories will be Olympics' true legacy

5:15pm Thursday 5th July 2012

SINCE its beginnings in ancient Greece the Olympic Games has provided a stage for tales of hope, glory, drama and despair.

HISTORY: Aerial photographs taken by heroes of flight online for first time

Enfield Independent: Waltham Abbey Church and the Abbey Gardens, taken in 1920

12:37pm Thursday 5th July 2012

ONE of the country’s earliest collections of aerial photographs showing how the region has changed over more than 80 years has been published online.

HISTORY: Gunpowder Mills' long and illustrious past

Enfield Independent: Lawrence of Arabia

1:40pm Friday 29th June 2012

WHEN Lawrence of Arabia blew up Turkish train tracks in the First World War he used explosives sent 1,500 miles from a Waltham Abbey factory. JOE CURTIS investigates.

HISTORY: 18th Century crime statistics revealed in new book

Enfield Independent: An 18th Century bar room brawl

1:17pm Thursday 21st June 2012

A NEW book examining crime figures from the late 18th century reveals a familiar set of problems across West Essex.

HISTORY: The Guardian and Gazette Series

Enfield Independent: An original copy of the first Walthamstow and Leyton Guardian, with older editions behind to demonstrate how the size of the paper grew.

11:19am Friday 15th June 2012

THE East London and West Essex series of Guardian newspapers has just celebrated its 136th birthday. Reporter DANIEL BINNS looks back at its humble origins.

EPPING: Retired corporal recalls days at army barracks

3:28pm Monday 28th May 2012

FIFTY years ago dozens of young men held their breath as they waited to discover whether they would be sent to Egypt to fight in the Suez Canal Crisis.

HISTORY: New book recalls East End origins of many of estate's residents

Enfield Independent: Simon Webb

12:40pm Thursday 17th May 2012

THE East End origins of many of the families who make up the backbone of Debden have been explored in a new book by one of its residents.

HISTORY: Orient hero remembers club's finest season

4:27pm Thursday 10th May 2012

LEYTON Orient spent the 2011-12 season battling against the drop in League One, but 50 years ago the club were involved in a very different campaign.

EPPING FOREST: Author draws on forest inspiration for new book

2:10pm Tuesday 8th May 2012

POET, philosopher and teacher, Nicholas Hagger’s career has taken him from the court of imperial Japan to Libya in the throes of the Gaddafi revolution on the 1960s.

HISTORY: Forgotten soldier remembered at last

Enfield Independent: Sarah Woortman at the grave of Wolf Green in Ypres

5:22pm Thursday 19th April 2012

NINETY-FIVE years after he was cut down on the killing fields of Ypres in Belgium, a Jewish soldier received a visit from his great, great niece.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Competition

Enfield Independent: The Queen visited Waltham Forest as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour

9:24am Thursday 19th April 2012

THE Guardian Series is launching a very special competition to reward our best young artists.

WOODFORD: History of Woodford unveiled in new exhibition

Enfield Independent: A bike from the cycle event

11:56am Tuesday 17th April 2012

THE transformation of Woodford from a rural idyll into a London suburb is being explored in a new exhibition.

HISTORY: Wartime bombers' role in feeding the starving revealed

Enfield Independent: Frederick Limer

1:54pm Friday 13th April 2012

MORE than 60 years after the Second World War air-raids on German-occupied ports and cities that the RAF Bomber Command is best known for, a former crew member has told of the unit’s work helping starving civilians.

Proud history of boys' club which provided escape from poverty

Enfield Independent: Proud history of boys' club which provided escape from poverty

9:32am Thursday 12th April 2012

‘Up the Manor!’ has been a rallying cry across the playing fields and parks of east London for nearly a century.

HISTORY: The 1840s commute into London

3:51pm Friday 30th March 2012

LONG before the days of the Central line the only speedy way to get around between Epping, Woodford, Wanstead and London was by horse and carriage. DANIEL BINNS finds out more.

CHINGFORD: Colourful yet dark past of Chingford Hatch

1:17pm Thursday 22nd March 2012

CHINGFORD'S forgotten past is brought back to life in a new book by a retired librarian. Joe Curtis discovers a rich history with a dark twist.

ONGAR: Priest who went down with Titanic leading prayers on deck

5:02pm Friday 16th March 2012

HE has entered in to legend as the priest who led a group of passengers in prayer on the deck of the Titanic as it sank in to the icy depths of the north Atlantic on April 15, 1912.

HISTORY: 'Country's oldest working men's club' marks 150 years

1:38pm Thursday 8th March 2012

A CENTURY and a half after a working men’s club was set up as a friendly place for labourers in the mean streets of Victorian Walthamstow, its members are celebrating its survival.

ALDERSBROOK: London's super cemetery uncovered

11:42am Friday 2nd March 2012

IN a leafy corner of Aldersbrook lie the remains of Bobby Moore, Dame Anna Neagle and two of Jack the Ripper’s victims.

HISTORY: Thorpe Coombe Hospital

Enfield Independent: Thorpe Coombe Hospital

11:48am Monday 27th February 2012

WITH the future of Thorpe Coombe Hospital hanging in the balance, reporter DANIEL BINNS decided to delve into its past to find out more about the Walthamstow landmark.

HISTORY: Book on Tube names reveals unknown history of east London and Essex

5:14pm Friday 10th February 2012

A BOOK about the names of Tube stations has shone a light on the history of east London and Essex.

NORTH WEALD: Aviator describes flying in movie about legendary squadron

5:55pm Monday 6th February 2012

THE Red Tails were the first ever unit of African American airmen whose heroic achievements in the Second World War have just been immortalised on celluloid by George Lucas.

HISTORY: Town remembers pioneer of motorbike helmets

Enfield Independent: The plaque on the former home of surgeon Hugh Cairns

1:16pm Thursday 26th January 2012

A SURGEON whose pioneering work led to thousands of lives being saved by the introduction of crash helmets has been honoured with a plaque where he lived during the 1920s.

Pioneering genius finally recognised

Enfield Independent: Pioneering genius finally recognised

12:14pm Thursday 19th January 2012

AS the world was barely getting used to the new sound of rock ‘n’ roll, one visionary electronics enthusiast was tuning into the future with self-built synthesizers and manipulated magnetic tape in a home-made studio in South Woodford, as JONATHAN BUNN discovered

HISTORY: Wanstead woman remembers her time working for Monty

Enfield Independent: Jean Buniak (third from left) with other memmers of the British Army of the Rhine in 1945

11:48am Thursday 19th January 2012

AS the Battle of the Bulge raged in December 1944, Field Marshal Montgomery delivered a pep talk to the men and women of ’21 Army Group’ in Brussels.

ONGAR: Doctor David Livingstone's year in Ongar

Enfield Independent: David Livingstone as a 25-year-old man in Ongar

11:48am Thursday 5th January 2012

THIRTY years before he was to be greeted with the famous phrase ‘Doctor Livingstone, I presume?’, Britain’s most famous explorer spent a year in Ongar training to become a missionary.

EPPING: Bletchley Park codebreaker remembered

Enfield Independent: John Halliday Gracey

4:39pm Thursday 24th November 2011

FEW of who knew him as founder of the local film society, a keen beekeeper or chairman of Epping Music Society will have been aware of his extraordinary past.

HISTORY: When Wanstead & Woodford had its own council

Enfield Independent: HISTORY: When Wanstead & Woodford had its own council

12:05pm Friday 18th November 2011

LOCKED in a cabinet in Redbridge Town Hall there sits a mace which once occupied pride of place in the old Town Hall in South Woodford as the symbol of the municipal borough of Wanstead & Woodford.

HISTORY: Who was Roger Ascham?

Enfield Independent: A contemporary sketch of Roger Ascham with Queen Elizabeth.

12:37pm Friday 28th October 2011

Roger Ascham's legacy looms large over Waltham Forest.

HISTORY: The Loughton lopper who saved Epping Forest

Enfield Independent: Blue plaque commemorating Thomas Willingale at St Johns Church in Loughton.

12:54pm Thursday 13th October 2011

SOMEWHERE in the grounds of St Mary’s Church in Loughton lies the body of Thomas Willingale.

HISTORY: Group to revive railway memories

Enfield Independent: One of the images donated to the project, showing staff at Ongar station in the 1920s

8:00am Saturday 1st October 2011

MEMORIES of railways in and around the district are being sought by a group that is restoring an historic line.

HISTORY: How Walthamstow became part of London

10:11am Thursday 22nd September 2011

FOR hundreds of years 'Walthamstow' - as we know it today – was a collection of settlements deep in the Essex countryside, miles from the hustle and bustle of London.

EPPING FOREST: Historian explores ancient forest boundaries

4:46pm Monday 12th September 2011

ALL that remains of them are faint ridges of earth bordering sections of the forest.

BARKINGSIDE: The football historian on a mission to find Festival of Britain heroes

2:53pm Friday 2nd September 2011

IT is fair to say that non-league Barkingside F.C. do not feature prominently in the history of English football.

HISTORY: Town to celebrate its origins as a religious centre

3:37pm Thursday 25th August 2011

A TOWN’S history group is hoping to recreate the event that established it as a centre for pilgrims, with the help of 12 oxen.

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